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Innovator | Creator | Co-Founder | Advisor | Speaker | People First Leader

CMO | Digital Marketer | SEO | SaaS Evangelist | AI Empowered | Entrepreneur

Stephan Bajaio stands at the forefront of digital marketing, where innovation, empathy, and technical acumen converge. A Co-Founder, CMO, and dynamic entrepreneur, Stephan's extensive experience spans across SEO, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Professional Services, and AI-driven solutions, always with a keen focus on serving and understanding customer needs. His role as an Advisor and Speaker is deeply rooted in a people-first philosophy, advocating for leadership that elevates both ideas and individuals.


Stephan's journey is characterized by an unwavering dedication to customer-centric innovation, seeking not just to meet, but to anticipate and shape audience needs. This approach transcends traditional marketing boundaries, embodying a mission to deliver transformative insights and strategies that drive business growth and resonate deeply with diverse audiences. In every endeavor, Stephan's commitment to empowering businesses and enriching customer experiences shines, reflecting his passion for creating meaningful connections in the digital world.

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Global Brand Advisor

Stephan is a masterful advisor in the realms of SEO, Digital Marketing, and Content Strategy, known for his innovative and visionary approach. With a rich history of partnering with some of the world's biggest brands, Stephan has consistently demonstrated his unique ability to align marketing strategies with both business objectives and customer needs.


His expertise is not confined to marketing; it spans across branding, customer success, people culture, and business development, helping companies unlock opportunities and drive tangible results.


His guidance is sought after by organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of digital landscapes and capitalize on emerging trends. Stephan’s advisory role transcends traditional marketing, tapping into a deep understanding of the digital pulse to empower businesses with strategies that are both innovative and results-driven.

Great marketing thrives on collaboration, and Stephan Bajaio's career is a testament to the power of collective expertise. Central to his resume is his exceptional ability to assemble and nurture teams, guiding them towards making a significant impact.


At the helm of a 65-plus person global professional services team of SEO  at Conductor (built from scratch), Stephan demonstrated his adeptness in team-building and leadership. His commitment to fostering growth and development in marketers extends beyond SEO.


As a leader of an in-house team dedicated to content, events, and community, Stephan has consistently shown his dedication to cultivating environments where creativity and strategic thinking flourish. His leadership style is underpinned by empathy and a deep-seated commitment to creating customer-centric experiences, ensuring his teams are not only skilled but also aligned with the needs and aspirations of their customers.

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The SEO/Search Marketing industry is fundamentally a community, and Stephan Bajaio has always placed a high priority on contributing to and enhancing this vibrant collective. Recognized as a pillar in the industry, Stephan has actively engaged in speaking at global conferences, leading insightful discussions, and fostering educational opportunities for marketers at all levels.


His dedication to sharing knowledge and experiences extends from nurturing beginners to challenging experts, embodying the essence of true marketing leadership. Stephan's passion for speaking is not just about imparting wisdom; it's about nurturing a culture of continuous learning and growth within the marketing community that he both respects and cherishes.

As Stephan Bajaio expanded Conductor’s SEO team and forged connections with impactful marketers in the industry, he recognized an opportunity to amplify and share their collective wisdom on a broader stage.


This realization led to the inception and production of Conductor’s 'Search on Tap' podcast. Under Stephan’s guidance, the podcast emerged as a dynamic platform, offering both renowned marketing influencers and lesser-known, yet incredibly talented, marketers a space to share their journeys and expertise. His involvement in the podcast not only showcased his commitment to spreading knowledge but also highlighted his understanding of the power of storytelling in marketing.


Stephan’s efforts in podcasting reflect his dedication to enriching the marketing community with diverse perspectives and invaluable insights.


A Passion for Marketing

Over 18 years of experience in search marketing have given me the ability to help organizations of all kinds create and implement creative, effective organic strategies that drive results. I have built teams from scratch that help businesses achieve their objectives through a deep understanding of their organizational priorities and the ever-changing world of search engines. I have led the search industry in embracing a visionary future for search intelligence and the role of organic data in their businesses.

What Clients Are Saying

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I first met Stephan several years ago when we ( were exploring SEO platforms and agencies to work with. Ultimately, we picked Conductor over their competition because of the people, though their technology was/is also excellent. Stephan immediately took an interest in our brand and our goal, and he dug into each as if they were his own. His passion for helping people and their brands is genuine and infectious. In fact, whenever I talk to Stephan, I walk away feeling motivated, thinking differently and aspiring to do better. If you're lucky enough to find yourself with an opportunity to work with Stephan, you've done something right. Don't stop now.

Building Community

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