Stephan Bajaio

Marketer | Speaker | Leader | SEO | Evangelist | Innovator | Entrepreneur

I have a calling: guiding and arming marketers to take control and better leverage the most powerful data source on the planet: organic search. From building SEO teams to evangelizing SEO directly to clients and marketing leaders, I show organizations how to translate “SEO” into a source of transformative intelligence that helps every facet of a business tap directly into the needs of their customers.


What Clients Are Saying


Stephan is an impactful and dynamic leader in the digital marketing/SEO space. He is a true technical subject matter expert that embraces being consumer and user centric, underscoring the human aspect of marketing and business development. It is reflected not only in his expertise and breadth of knowledge (which I've leaned on a bit) but also how he helped developed the team and culture at Conductor. I would highly recommend Stephan and hope to continue to have the opportunity to collaborate with him in the future.

Douglas Cirillo - AVP, Product & Growth Stack - Sotheby's


Global Brand Advisor

I have brought my passion for search marketing and SEO to a wide variety of enterprise brands, sharing my expertise with clients to make sure that their marketing strategy aligns with both their business goals, and their customers’ needs. From technical SEO to branding, I help businesses identify opportunities, and analyze results to increase key business metrics such as traffic and revenue.

Great marketing is not a solo endeavor, and bringing together and empowering experts to make an impact is one of the most important parts of my resume. From building a 50-plus person global team of SEOs dedicated to Conductor’s clients, to leading a brand new in-house team focused on content, events, and community, I am committed to helping marketers develop, grow, and create the best possible experiences for customers.

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The SEO/ Search Marketing industry is first and foremost a community, and I have always prioritized giving back to and growing the community I’ve learned and continue to learn from. Speaking at global conferences, facilitating conversations, and cultivating opportunities to educate other marketers, from beginners to experts, are essential elements of marketing leadership and something I love.

As I grew Conductor’s SEO team and connected with the marketers making a real difference in the industry, I realized we needed to share that knowledge with the world. I helped start and produce Conductor’s Search on Tap podcast, which provided a platform for both marketing influencers and lesser known marketers doing incredible work to share insights into their marketing journeys and expertise.


A Passion for Marketing

Over 15 years of experience in search marketing have given me the ability to help organizations of all kinds create and implement creative, effective organic strategies that drive results. I have built teams from scratch that help businesses achieve their objectives through a deep understanding of their organizational priorities and the ever-changing world of search engines. I have led the search industry in embracing a visionary future for search intelligence and the role of organic data in their businesses.

Building Community