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Passionate Global Speaker

I have a calling: guiding and arming marketers to take control and better leverage the most powerful data source on the planet: organic search. From building professional service teams from the ground up to evangelizing the power of search data directly to clients and marketing leaders, I show organizations how to translate “SEO” into a source of transformative intelligence that helps every facet of a business tap directly into the needs of their customers.

Keynote Speaker

I have spoken internationally at marketing conferences of every size, from 250 to 1000+. I love sharing my experience,  insights, and failures (and how I’ve learned from them), and ready to cover a variety of topics, whether as a keynote speaker or in conversation with a panel.

  • Areas of expertise include:

    • SEO

    • Digital marketing

    • Content marketing

    • Leadership

    • Community building & customer success

    • Data evangelization

    • Marketing team strategy

    • Building professional services organizations

    • Business intelligence

    • Digital transformation

    • Entrepreneurship

  • Audiences:

    • All industries

    • All levels of digital marketing expertise

  • As seen at:

    • BrightonSEO

    • Advanced Search Summit

    • Yext Onward

    • C3

    • MnSearch

    • eTail West

    • SearchLove

    • SMX Next

Moderator & Interviewer

I have a passion for meaningful conversations between great creative and marketing minds, whether that means sitting down for a one-on-one interview or moderating a panel of thought leaders from a stage.

  • Key skills include:

    • Optimizing questions

    • Guiding and shaping conversations

    • Witty follow-up questions

    • Making space for panelists to share their expertise and opinions

    • Creating a respectful environment for discourse and valuable differing opinions

    • Emphasizing and sharing takeaway points for the audience

    • Building genuine rapport that allows panelists or interviewees to share freely

  • Types of events:

    • Panels in front of live audiences

    • Live fireside chats

    • Interviews for blogs

    • Digital panels and webinars

    • Podcast interviews

    • Video interviews

Onsite Team Trainings

SEO should be a culture, not a tactic. For the last ten+ years, I have worked with and trained teams at all levels in organizations to arm them with the search data that can help them better understand their customers, work more effectively as a team, and make their brands more successful. 


Teams include:

  • Marketing Teams

  • Communications Teams

  • Content Teams

  • SEO Teams

  • C-Suite Execs

  • IT/Tech Teams

  • Product Teams

As Seen at:

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