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Shaping Cultures

Surely more companies will become successful due to their strong cultures than in spite of them. Never has an organization's culture meant more to their current and potential employees. What are you doing to mean more?

Building Award-Winning Cultures

Best place to work awards are great artifacts, I've helped Conductor acquire shelves full.  The real story however is in the details. It's in making your people feel seen, heard, recognized, giving them the space to grow personally and professionally. Award-worthy and Reward worthy.


Building Teams that Care

Don't judge me on my successes, judge me on those of my team and how they grow and what they become. Time is our most precious resource and it must be traded for more than a paycheck. How you grow professionally and personally is intertwined and I'm always at the ready to help advance both.

Culture is the Business of People &
The People's Business

A new expectation of work has evolved through the pandemic and the ensuing digital transformation and rise of remote culture. The great resignation has added pressure for businesses to get their culture right. How we came to this evolutionary point is of little consequence, how you chose to move your organization's culture forward will be paramount in your company's success. 

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Self Expression with Shared Goals

Often a strong company culture requires folks to trade their individually and what makes them unique for the organizations' goals or mission. This creates jobs, not careers. It creates a living, but not a life. We spend far too much of ourselves in, and devoted to work, to separate in such ways. Imagine if you will a culture that strives to foster individuals with shared purpose. Not only have I seen it in the wild but I've built it and you can too.

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Trust is Not Only Earned, but Built into Your Organization

Are the traits you value most built into the structure of your organization? Have you set the cultural KPIs, processes, technologies, habits and feedback loops to ensure your organization is more than an org chart with replaceable names? 




Stephan made the workplace an inspiring place to be. His first words to me during a team meeting were "always think big" and I truly believe I would not be the same today without his guidance and mentorship both personally and professionally.


Stephan is everything you would want in a leader - charismatic, innovative and someone with a unique way of inspiring those on his team to push the boundaries and be the best they can be. When I wasn’t on his team I always wanted to be!


He makes sure everyone feels valued. He helps people see their potential, believe in themselves, and further their careers in a selfless way.

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